The 8 Ball Pool is a game played with 16 balls. Miniclip has developed this game to make it one of the most interesting and popular pool games played online. There are millions of active members playing the game. The player progresses gradually as he has to learn how to handle the cue and aim at the balls to pocket the ball. As the player gains control over his game, he earns coins and also climbs up levels. The player can play it on a one-to-one basis or can be played as a multiplayer game where you can play up to eight players. The game can be played while travelling too or when visiting other places. As the game can be played both online and offline, the internet is not very essential to play. To become a pool master is the ultimate dream of the player of 8 Ball Pool.

8 ball pool

Knowing the Game in Brief

There are 16 balls in all in the 8 Ball Poll. One of them is called the cue ball and another is called the 8 ball. Out of the remaining, seven of them are striped while the other seven are solid colored. The 8 ball is the most important of them all. It can be pocketed only after the player pockets his 7 balls. The player pocketing the 8 ball is the winner of the game. With coins, you can enter matches of higher rankings and higher stakes. There are many items available in the pool shop and you can buy them from the pool shop using these coins. You can also unlock game achievements and get aim guides. You can also get maximum spins if you play well. With 8 Ball Pool hack, these aims are easily fulfilled as you can get any amount of coins for free to play with more speed and to get better experience in the game.

Knowing the Basic Rules in Brief

The 8 Ball Pool follows a few rules that have to be followed. The ball should touch any one end of the table when it is hit. If it does not touch the end of the table, the shot becomes a foul and the opponent can use this opportunity to move the cue ball to any place he wants. If the black ball and the cue ball go down the pocket, it means that you lose the game. Sometimes a tier may require calling the pocket for the 8 ball. In such cases, if the 8 ball does not pot into the called pocket, you lose the game. However, if the 8 ball is pocketed while the break off shot is made, it is not a foul move, but the 8 ball has to be replaced on the table for the game to continue.


Choosing the Ball

The player can choose the stripes or the spots based on various factors. The ball he pots on his first shot may decide it for him. He can also look at the table and see how many are in a potable position before choosing his ball.