Do you know how to check your internet speed? Are you worried that your service provider in default of providing speed according to your broadband plan?

Most of the people using the internet are always complaining about their internet speeds. Slow and frustrating internet speed is every time a worrisome event.

When you had installed the broadband, the service provider had shown you proof that they have kept their words of providing the promised internet speed. But over a time you are experiencing that the speed you are getting is not sufficient enough to fulfill your requirement.

Before complaining about the service provider or enhancing your plan, you need to check the internet speed you are obtaining. CenturyLink is the most popular tool to check your broadband speed.

Through their website, you can get the most accurate speed of your internet. After that, you can work out the reason behind your slow haste. So what are you waiting for to come? Open your browser and go for CenturyLink.

How to Calculate Internet Speed From CenturyLink?

Are you unaware that you can check the internet speed by yourself? Are you worried that testing internet speed will require a special hardware kit?

If you are thinking that testing the internet speed is a cumbersome job and require special tools and technique, then you must know that you can perform Centurylink speed test at your PC or mobile phone with the use of your browser. You can use any browser, but it is preferable to use Google Chrome in your PC.

Following is a guide to know how to use the Centurylink speed test. But before that, you need to perform the following checklist to get a useful and accurate result:

  • Make sure that you connect your PC with your modem through an Ethernet connection. Wi-Fi connections are not the best medium as it is affected by the signal strength and have performance fluctuation.
  • Also, close all the applications in your PC which can use the internet. If the programs are using the internet while performing the test, it will not provide an accurate result.
  • Make sure that you have switched off all your devices other than PC which uses your internet connection.
  • Make sure that your PC is not connected in any virtual Private network (VPN) as this will show incorrect or lower than the actual Also, note that the speed test does not work on 3G 4G LTE networks.

Once you are ensured that you have fulfilled all the prerequisite of the test you can start.

Performing the analysis and getting the result is an easy method and you have to follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: You have to click on the following link to go to the website of Centurylink: https://www.centurylink.com/home/help/internet/internet-speed-test.html

Once you click the link, you will find the following in your browser.

calculate internet speed

  • Step 2: As stated above, click on the GO


  • Step 3: Once you click the go you will find that the tool is working and you will see the following things are happening:

test internet your speed

  • Step 4: After a few seconds you will observe that the test is complete and you have the result in the following way:

how to test internet speed

  • Step 5: You can repeat the test by clicking AGAIN.

Other Best Internet Speed Test Websites or Applications Available

If you are thinking that CenturyLink is the only website that is providing an opportunity of the speed test, then we say that there are few other trusted websites through which you can perform your speed test.

1. SpeedOf.Me

speed of me

An HTML5 based speed test which does not require Java or Flash is SpeedOf.Me. SpeedOfMe performs the analysis by directly uploading or downloading the files from your server starting from the smallest sample size of 128 KB and increasing further. The site shows a real-time graph of uploading and downloading speed of your internet. Utilizing various test servers of different location and using continuous data uploading or downloading SpeedOfMe provides accurate data of your internet speed.

2. Speed Smart

Speed Smart is another website which provides a simple method of testing your internet speed by using HTML5 based speed test. The data you get from Speed Smart is the ping information, upload and download speed. If you are into a more in-depth analysis of your data, then ping information is very vital to know. The site also has an app to keep track of your internet speed data for further analysis.

3. TestMy.net

test my net

When you are looking for something more than just testing your internet speed like multi thread speed test, Automatic speed test or Database of your speed tests then the website is TestMy.net. Kindly note that you have to download these speed tests instead of doing the same in your browser. Further to the result is obtained you can have the outcome compared to a different user. If all these are unfamiliar to you, then you can see their documentation to understand the result appropriately.

4. Speedtest.net

In internet performance, speed tests and metrics, Ookla is the global leader, and Speedtest.net is the bandwidth diagnostic software of Ookla. You can get a conclusive speed test through Speedtest.net in just 30 seconds around the world. Apart from the checking of your uploading and downloading speed, you can make a comparison with your data plan and troubleshoot them. You can avail a connection consistency graph from their tests as well as compare the speed test data done by you in the past.

5. Fast.com from Netflix

fast by netflix

Powered by Netflix Fast.com is another useful tool to check the internet speed by performing uploading and downloading data from Netflix. You can find an assessment of the result with Ookla speed test data through Best.com. It has a minimal interface which shows the result data. Therefore if you are worried about your internet speed because of interrupted Netflix or streaming servers like Netflix, go for Fast.com.

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