I have always been a huge fan of epic combat games. I have already come across so many players, and all of them have suggested me to try my hand on Boom Beach. And after much waiting, I finally thought about listening to their requests, and downloaded this game in my Android handset. And from the time I did that, I was instantly hooked up to it. Fighting those evil blackguards is not just about strength, but also about proper use of your brains. And this game taught me the clever ideas and tips to do that. I was always hooked up to such games, and Boom Beach was nothing exceptional.

Boom Beach Tips and Guides

Free To Download and Play

The best part about this game which I think is that it is free to download and play. All I had to do is just spent some bucks for the internet connection, and had to pay nothing else; not even a single penny. Some Android games used to charge me with monthly fees, but this game does not have any of these features. For me, this is the finest epic combat game of all time, and I would definitely like to recommend this to all new and old players. Even if you are playing this game for long, still there is no guarantee that you will win the next round.

The game is tough, and with higher level, it becomes tougher. It was fun and exciting at the same time to attack those enemy bases, for freeing the enslaved islanders. Furthermore, we are here to unlock the current secrets of the current tropical paradise. Moreover, it was exciting for me to create a strong task force with some players around the corner of world. We all came together to take the enemy down, and the result was epic. Scouting, planning and playing are the three golden rules of Boom Beach.

There Are Hard Times in the Gameplay

Sometimes, I had an urge to use boom beach hack, but I always used to keep it as my last minute resort. It was fun and even easy to win game with it, but I always thought about taking its help, only when it is absolutely needed, and not before that. Even though the game is free of cost, some accessories might ask you to spend some money to play it. In case, you do not want to make use of any of these purchases as I did, then I would like to work on the password protection for purchases, as well.

It is always recommended to learn everything about the game possible, before you start playing it. I have done the same when I started playing this game, and the result was towards my side. Sometimes, you might feel the urge to buy game items with real money, but playing well will prevent you to do so. Now, you cannot expect to win from the first hour of starting this game. But, with time, you can easily get hold of the best features. Well, this is what I have done too, and I am quite satisfied with my present standing.