What, you do not know what a Miitomo Hack is? Okay, let us do a quick summary here. Miitomo is the new free to download, somehow social networking mobile application, developed by Nintendo. It is intended for iOS (that means Apple devices) and Android gadgets. The application’s main purpose, is to allow users to converse with friends by answering different questions, and features Twitter and Facebook integration. Miitomo Hack teaches you How to Hack Miitomo, so that you can maximize your social experience. (Whew, I guess that was not as quickly said as I intended!)

It is actually Tomodachi Life for phones, with your Miis interactions upgraded to the next level. This is Nintendo’s leap of faith, in the world of smartphones and tablets. If in Tomodachi Life, your Miis interact with other Miis only; in Miitomo, you cannot interact directly with other Miis. Your Mii asks you a whole bunch of questions, after you answer, then your Mii will tell other Mii’s things about you. Pretty bizzare right? But cool and addicting. (I believe this is the part where you start reading How to Hack Miitomo, and maybe some Miitomo Cheats.)

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How to Manage Miitomo Cheats

Inorder to acquire fancier items and get better clothing for your Miis, you need a lot of coins and platinum points. This is where Miitomo Cheats  come in  handy. Some people can just download a Miitomo Hack application that will yield unlimited coins and points from certain surveys or website links.

I’ll bet, atleast once in your gaming life, you came across those websites that offer cheat generators for your favorite games. All of them required you to complete a quick survey or gave you a random offer. And the random offers will require you to key in your real mobile number, because you will have to receive a link via regular text message. This is NOT How to Hack Miitomo..

These kind of websites, surveys and offers are designed as a scam. If you find yourself on such a website, please avoid filling out any surveys and never give away your phone number. You might be exposing your personal information to potential identity theft, or exposing your device to destructive viruses. Legit Miitomo Cheats don’t work like that.

Being Practical With Mitomo Gaming

Logging daily on the app, does not only give you lots of coins, drop game tickets and candies from the daily bonus rewards. It also allows you to participate continuously in Miitomo. And that is one Miitomo Hack that is usually taken for granted. Regular interactions give you a steady flow minimal coins. Plus, if you get popular with other users, your level goes up also. As a result, you earn free tickets for the Miitomo Drop game, which allows you to save your coins for other items.

Another Miitomo Hack is  hidden on the “My Nintendo Missions” at the user menu. These missions allows you to gain platinum coins. The simple actions like answering a number of questions or  by sharing a number of photos, will give you rewards in the future.

Remember that Miitomo’s initial reason for being created,is to help shy people interact with their virtual friends. An activity that is hard for them to do in the real world. It is supposed to bring people closer and show us how fun it is to share yourself with others. Let us not make it anymore complicated by trying to hack our opportunity on meeting new friends.